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Customer testimonials
Some of our clients include comments when they contact us.
When they do, we ask permission to add them here.

What can I say about Sean - My Saviour to a damsel in distress!!
"PC Pal" is certainly the right name for this company and definitely a pal I would keep for life.
At 5pm on a Saturday night I lost my (2 weeks of hard labour) work on a battered floppy disc, (yes I've heard "BACK UP" a number of times!!!)
After picking PC Pal from the yellow pages little did I know I would hear half an hour later to the sounds of "I've recovered your work".
Then a wonderful description of how to prevent this in future, all explained in plain English.
As it said in the advertisement "no jargon".

I would HIGHLY recommend PC Pal as very efficient, very friendly, very clearly explained and worth every penny - which didn't (by far) break the bank.
Thank you.

A very, very satisfied customer, 

Thank you Sean for rescuing me and my new computer.
You have been endlessly patient with all the different problems that have occurred.
Your skills and knowledge have sorted me out and I'm really grateful.
Don't know what I'd have done without PC Pal!
And it didn't break the bank to get your help either. 
Liz B, Interior Designer (PC and Mac user)

I recently had a major problem with my computer, and PC Pal were strongly recommended by many of my University mates.
The service is friendly, quick and cheap (considering that many other companies would charge up to three times to fix the problem I had).
I definately would use this company again and urge you to do so too!

I am just writing to say a huge thankyou and to let you know how pleased and relieved I am that you were able to sort out the problems with my modem so quickly and efficiently. After battling for hours to sort the problem out myself I am so glad that I chose your advert in phone book.
I shall certainly keep your number to hand for when I next have a problem with my PC!
Many thanks
Linda Majzlik
Editor's note Linda was "assisted" by telephone by her ISP at a cost of 75p per minute, to no avail.

My name is Emma Reed, a first year student at the UEA.
Last weekend my lap top broke and I was completely lost!
The university couldn't help me but instead offered me a list of numbers to ring round and it would have been inconvenient to have had to take my laptop to someone for mending, seeing as I don't know Norwich that well, so I rang you for a pick up and delivery service.
The advice I got over the phone was helpful and professional and the service was prompt and efficient and reasonably priced.
I think the delivery system is an excellent idea and I'm glad to have discovered this service.
I shall definately bear you in mind for any future IT difficulties I may encounter.
Many thanks for an excellent service!
Yours sincerely,
Emma Reed ( emma.reed-at-uea.ac.uk)

You asked us to provide feedback on the delivery of the above item. (Broadband Micro Filter)
I can confirm that it was delivered within the timescale you stated, the package was still sealed and the lady was extremely pleasant and polite.
You will be pleased to know that the Broadband is now in full working order.
Thanks for you help.
Andrew & Linda Morley

I have had support from PC Pal over the past few months and I have found them very efficient and very quick to repond to my computer problems.
They has restored the speed of my computers back to their original levels and has cleared virus etc from them.
They have installed a network system which not only is most effective it saves me money as well.
I would highly recommend them to anyone with pc needs.
Mark Jeal

Now that I am back in Chicago I wanted to let you know how much you helped me with my various computer problems while I was a Fellow at UEA. In addition to having infinite patience with me when I didn't understand something, you explained concepts and problems to me clearly and simply without patronizing me. Even when you took the computer home and it acted perfectly normal chez vous you didn't chastise me for wasting your time with illusory problems! Furthermore, you always provided a clear idea of how long it would take and how much it would cost to fix a problem.

 I also appreciated your willingness to come over on short notice to look at or pickup the computer, and your promptness in returning it.
After working with various computer consultants, both within institutions and privately, I've decided that patience and the willingness to suffer fools at least silently if not gladly count almost as much as the actual computer skills!

I wish you much luck with your business and suspect that you will do very well at it--the computer industry needs more experts like you!
Virginia Miller
Associate Professor, Art History
University of Illinois-Chicago

My ageing system was giving me considerable grief connecting to Outlook Express and handling Email in general, when a leaflet from PC Pal came through the door. I telephoned and made arrangements for a consultation.

He arrived on time and took as long as it needed to analyse the problem, eventually taking the equipment away for upgrade and general cleansing.

He returned it promptly, in perfect working order and at a reasonable price.
In these days of less than perfect service, I am happy to recommend PC Pal.
Reg Walker (Norwich)