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I'm the Managing Director and Senior Technician at PC Pal.
I started "playing" with computers at school in 1976, where we were lucky enough to have an Apple, before they had a grapical interface. We played a skiing game that young Parsons wrote in his lunch hours. 
My first computer was a BBC B, which ran at 4MHz and had 32Kb ROM, 32Kb RAM and a tape drive to record the programmes that we wrote, copied from magazines (then debugged!) bought or recorded from the late night BBC radio transmissions.
My current development server has 2 3GHz 64 bit Quad Core processors, 32Gb RAM, 12Tb Hard drive space and runs Windows Server 2008. Even my 'phones have more oomph than most servers back in 1976!
I have a BSc in Robotics and Automated Systems from Plymouth and am working towards my MCSE when I have time. 70-282 anyone?
I have over thirty years of computing experience, with 12 in the University sector. Please ask for more details if you are really interested ;-)

I'm the Office Manager for PC Pal. Before joining PC Pal, I'd previously developed a multi-million pound company in London. I had more experience with Macs, and programmed a BBC Archemedes. I occasionally support home customers, calling on Sean for help when needed.


I'm a part time Technician for PC Pal. I've previously had experience with IBM compatible PC's and Macs, and have managed several servers.  I have supported schools and departments at UEA. I support home customers mainly, calling on Sean for help when needed.