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We have a growing range of products available for collection by our customers.
If you would like more information, please feel free to Contact Us.

We supply and install software for home or business use at competitive prices.
low cost toner refillsToner cartridges & refills

We supply a growing range of new and refilled toner cartridges at great prices.
We prefer to sell refills when we can, as this reduces the amount of plastic that needs to be reclaimed.
We will include more here shortly.
Click the manufacturer of your printer for more information.
cheap toner refills
norwich laptops
Computer Hardware

We can supply and install all types of hardware for home or business use at competitive prices.
Unlike other suppliers, we pride ourselves on selling the right computer system for you.
This requires us to find out about your needs and expectations, then match these to a choice of systems.
We call this "Appropriate Selling."