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Spring Clean 
We provide a comprehensive "spring clean" for our customers peace of mind.
 Task Likely time
( mins )
Here is what we do.
Remove Hard Drive

5 - 10  

Get the computer from storage, put it onto the bench and take the drive out.
This can be the hardest part with some computer cases. 
The next few steps are best done with your hard drive(s) on our machines.

Clone Hard Drive

30 - 60

In case of problems, we take a backup. For security, it's stored on an encrypted volume with restricted access.

Clean inside PC case

5 - 10

As dirt and dust can cause overheating, causing system slowness, errors and even failure, we use compressed gas to remove dust and debris from the case, and particularly from cooling heatsinks and fans. This also serves as an oppertunity to look and check inside the case.

Scan the Hard Drive for surface damage

30 - 60


Hard drives get damaged. If you wait until the operating system finds the damage in normal use, you risk losing data. With the cost of drives now so low, if you value your data, consider RAID as a great aid against this danger.

Remove malware 30 - ???

Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, most rootkits, spyware, dishonest adware, and other malicious and unwanted software. We remove it.

Replace HDD in customer’s PC 5 - 10  

The next few steps are best done with your hard drive(s) in your machines.

Check memory usage and add some if needed 5 - 10  

If your computer needs more physical memory (RAM) than you have in the computer, Windows uses an area of hard drive space to create "Virtual Memory" to trick the computer programme into thinking it has all the RAM it needs. Unfortunately, Virtual Memory is much slower than real RAM. About 10 times!

Defrag Hard drive 30 - 60 

In use, the files on a hard drive get broken up into many small parts, or fragments. As a result, a map is needed inside the drive, to keep track of the fragments. It takes longer to find files if there are large numbers of fragments to track. Defragmenting is returning these fragments to the rest of their files, so making the loading or finding of files much quicker. It also reduces drive and motor wear.

Check Drivers installed 5 - 60  

Computers are only as good as the software installed, so we make sure that you have the best available.

Check Windows updates 30 - ???

If anyone tells you otherwise, they're mistaken.  Microsoft don't spend millions making the software service packs, patches and updates for fun. You need them.

Check Office updates 30 - ??? You also need the latest Office updates, if running Microsoft Office.
Prepare PC for Dispatch 5 - 10 

Move your computer to our dispatch area and call you, either to let you know your computer is ready for collection, or to arrange with you for our delivery person to return at your convenience with your system.


We only recommend two antivirus suppliers.