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You know  you need a PC Pal when
  • You just pressed the power button and got a "Blue screen of Death"
  • Your PC has been getting slower and slower
  • Your broadband won't work
  • You can't get the Wireless Network going
  • You need data from your disk and you can't get it
  • You want more performance, but not a new PC


If you need some help, contact us



Network support and Installation

Internet setup and training

WiFi Installation

Email setup and training

Windows and Internet training

Hardware troubleshooting


System repairs and upgrades

Virus removal and protection

Data recovery

Software and Hardware troubleshooting
Software installation & configuration 
System tuning

Telephone and email support


Please note - these services ARE available onsite, but the lengthy nature of the tasks and variety of tools needed often make workshop resolutions more cost effective.