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Our Security Solutions 
There are a range of areas where Security Solutions are required.
With our partnerships with the two leading suppliers of computer security products, McAfee and Norton / Symantec, we are uniquely placed to provide your business with the data security and work continuity solution best suited to you.
Network Perimeter

From WiFi security to Firewalls and Anti Malware (Viruses, AdWare, SpyWare, Trojans etc.), we have a great deal of experience in providing effective solutions, proven in installations in the NHS, Educational Establishments, Universities, Chartered Surveyors, Accountants, Lawyers, Financial Advisors and Online Trading Sites.

Computer Desktop and Laptop 
We can provide solutions ensuring that staff laptops have no unencrypted data and that home use of WiFi and Broadband does not threaten your systems or data.
Data Availability

Our range of solutions can ensure that your data is held securely when
  • a hard drive fails
  • the power fails
  • your offices get flooded or burned
  • your computers "go missing"
  • your broadband line is hit by lightening
  • you forgot to take a back-up


The "know-how" to design such solutions isn't free but you may soon consider it very good value.